Welcome to my very first Fic Contest!
In order to celebrate my 10.000 followers, i decided to make this small contest:D

Two weeks ago i’ve made Avengers x Pacific Rim Crossover art series. I just had so much fun making those arts and crossover concepts, now it’s your turn to having fun and expand it abit in words.

Signal boost will be much appreciated, coz more people enter means more “babies” we can read:P

Ok, so What is this universe she’s talking about?

  • it’s a crossover concept when all Avenger’s characters been placed in Pacific Rim World.
  • You can find all resources i’ve done on these links:

           * || Character Sheets || Art Series || 

              or on the side menus of this blog.

The Subject & The Rules

it’s a fanfic contest so you need to write story about it, of course
The fanfiction subject is ONLY about AVENGERS Live Movie CHARACTERS inside Pacific Rim world and situations.
Original character is not allow
Pacific Rim characters are not allow (eq: Mako or Raleigh meet Pepper,blabla, is not allow)
You are only allow to write about characters that appears in The Avengers Live movie and their supporting movie verses (ironman, Captain America, Thor & The Hulk). Characters from other verse (Xmen,Spiderman, etc) and Comic characters that haven’t appear in Live Movie are not allow to be there.
My OTP is Science Boyfriends, Capsicoul and CyberHusbands but for this contest, ANY Pairings are allows, Slash, Gen, anything will do (though you’ll get my attention first if you write my OTP)
While you can make any pairings, you are Not allow to change the character’s roles and their Copilot pairings, except by plot development ( eq: if you wanna do Frostiron (Loki/Tony): you are not allow to make Loki as Tony’s copilot from the beginning, except You make Loki kill Jarvis, sabotage Tony’s jaeger and rule the world in the end. That is ok, though my heart is not okTAT)
Please write your fic in proper english
You are allow to use any existing fanart i’ve made as inspirations/scene on your fic
Any rating are accepted
All genres except Mpreg, Beastiality (both monster n robot) and underage xxx are accepted.
You can make and naming your own Jaeger for your team, EXCEPT for Tony & Jarvis’s Jaeger (IronJaeger/Kaijubuster)
No minimum words or limit. But it need to be a finished story
Maximum 2 entries per person
You can do collab but splitting the prize are between you to decided


1st winner

  • One full color picture based on the winning fiction
    ( you will also get the digital version and printed version, signed and ship to you)
  • Avenging Angels print set of 7, signed and ship to you
  • Ironman 3 hardcover artbook

2nd winner

  • One BnW picture based on the winning fiction (you will also get the digital version and printed version, signed and ship to you)
  • Avenging Angels print set of 7, signed and ship to you
  • Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero Hardcover Graphic Novel

Favorite Winner (select by vote)

  • Loki The Kaiju Master A3 Poster
  • Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization paper back edition.

    please leave your tumblr ask box open and/or your contact info (email,etc). If i contact the winner and no respons within 48 hours then i will selecting other winner.


Contest will be close by 10 October 2013,
no fic editing after that date.

How to Submit:

You can post you fic anywhere on the net.
After you posted you fic, you need to submit your entry To THIS FIC BLOG by clicking “Submit” command on the left page
Fill this form when you submitting it on this blog:
Any works that not following all the rules above, will be disqualified:(


Me (of course) and i have these three fellas that wanna stay anonymous, two of them are native English speakers, so… grammar and spelling are really matters to them:D, while i don’t really pay attention on tech stuff:P


PM my Deviantart or Personal Tumblr.

WOOKAW! that’s all~
Happy writing guys and remember: this contest is all about fun~

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