First of all:
Thank u so so much for those amazing entries~!!
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You all the winners, every single one of uTAT!!!!

i’ve read all your amazing works, over n over again
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but at the end we need to decided

so here’s the list:

1st place:
Into The Breach
Author: Rory
Rating: Explicit, NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Thor x Loki


2nd place
A Day
The Brat Queen


Favorite winner
(decided by numbers of notes/likes/bookmarked)

Into the Breach
(PS: no, it’s not the same 1st winner, it’s different authors & stories, they only share the title^^)
Author: G
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark


congrats for the winners~ i will contacting each of you directly

and for the rest of amazing entries:
I LOVE U. for me, You all winners too.
i will see you on another contest:D

thank you so much for these amazing entries.
We will start judging process shortly and announce all winnes by the end of october/early November~

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Title: Unitl Tomorrow Ceases To Exist
Author: little0aibou
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Tony Stark/Jarvis

Summary: They counted on the humans to give up, to fail. They should have known –there was one who would never give up, one that would rise to the challenge – better.”

Warnings: AU, Slash (male/male), death character, mild language/swearing


So this is the first time I write a fic, and well this is embarrasing but I’m have not finished the work yet and that’s because I just found out about this contest this morning and well I tried to do my best but I couldn’t finish the fic so I send a message to Bril about the situation but I still don’t have an answer.

So I was thinking I could post what I have and if everyone is okay, I could finish the work tomorrow and participate in the contest. of course, if any (or all) of you disagree I will understand.

Thank you!

PS. if there is a noble and very patient person who would be so kind to do the beta of my fic I would be truly and very grateful.

Title: A Day
Author: The Brat Queen
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
"Dr. Banner is only here long enough to help us figure out how to track the kaiju."
Warnings: Mild language.

Title: Go Big or Go Extinct 
 As the son of Jaeger Program Founder Howard Stark, Tony has dreamed of piloting his own Jaeger for as long as he can remember.

But despite the fact that his mind was sharp enough to come up with the designs for his very own Jaeger Prototype, the fact that no one seems drift compatible with him hinders him from reaching his one dream.

When dire times fall upon the crew of the Shatterdome and Tony finds his life’s work endangered, he resorts to desperate measure to not loose the one dream he still has left.  

due alot notes asking me to consider it.

but i can only giving you guys extra three days~ and for the current accepted entries, if you want to fix/add something then you still have change until sunday too


The world is ending, and Steve could sure use a co-pilot. Oneshot, StevexTony.

Sorry if this is late, I’m aware the deadline is Oct. 10. If it helps, it’s still 11:25 Oct 9th where I am? ^^; Hopefully you’ll still accept this. Thank you for your consideration :)

Title: Anachronic
Justmeandmytech and wintermoons
pre-Cyberhusbands, hints of Clintasha, platonic Bucky/Steve, platonic Tony/Rhodey, platonic Thor/Bruce

Summary: “The one and only time Jarvis witnessed anything other then that sort of aloof indifference was in the hangar, when the pair was standing on one of the upper levels looking out over the railing at the large red monstrosity of a Jaeger. Jarvis had memorized all of the statistics that had been included in his briefing folder, but one thing Tony said from the start made him tune back in.

“ ‘Iron Jaeger’? I thought it’s designation was ‘Kaiju Buster’.”

“Yeah, well, it is; officially at least. ‘Iron Jaeger’ is kind of a nickname, something my old man used to say. ‘Stark men are made of iron’, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.”

Warnings: Strong language and mild violence
AO3 or FF.Net

Title: Kousei
The aftermath of the explosion of Gipsy Danger. Humanity celebrates its freedom; they’re not the only ones…
Mild violence

Title: All They Needed To Know
Author: KittyCatKauri
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Clint/Natasha
Summary: AU Avengers/Pacific Rim
Clint and Natasha think they know everything they need to know about each other before they even met properly. 
A bout in the Kwoon Combat Room quickly changes that.
Warnings: Mild Swearing